The product configuration is one of the most powerful features in the Subscription Suite. Here, you can define everything from what kind of subscription type should be used to the cancellation policy of the rate plan.

The "Suite Product" corresponds directly (1 to 1) to a Zuora Rate Plan. So when the product catalog is initially synced, Suite Products are generated from all the rate plans in your Zuora product catalog. More detailed information about all the settings on this page can be found in the knowledge center.

Here we will define how to set up two typical use cases: an evergreen and an annual subscription term.

Description and features

Here you can define additional meta information that you might want to display to a the customer in the shop. For products and rate plans you can enter

  • description
  • feature list
  • highlighted label


These properties are relevant for the shop page and can be shown to the customer during rate plan selection. They can be translated via the translation tables.


Subscription Settings


Evergreen is the out of the box setting. However, you can make some small adjustments in the settings as follows:


This will result in an evergreen subscription in Zuora.

Annual Subscription

If you have a rate plan with annual billing term, you will want to put it in a subscription with a 12 month initial term and a 12 month renewal term.


This will result in an annual subscription in Zuora.


Customer Center Add-ons

Another notable feature on this page is the ability to configure what products will be offered as add-ons in the customer center once the customer has purchased. These can simply be added in the last section on this page by using the search function.