In this section, you can configure the main settings for the Subscription Suite's customer center module.


Subscription Grouping

This section defines how subscriptions will get grouped in the Customer Center. There are the following options to choose from:

  • Base Product
  • Subscriptions
  • No Grouping

1. Base Product

This grouping option uses the product categories' parent child relationship to drive the way that the rate plans are displayed in the customer center. With this option enabled, if a customer subscribes to a base product and add-ons, the add-ons are grouped together under the base product in the customer center. This grouping will happen regardless of whether the rate plans are in one or many Zuora subscriptions.

Note, the headline here is the base product "Bike Share - Basic Monthly". See more on configuring categories and parent child relationships here


2. Subscriptions

If this option has been selected all rate plans within the same subscription will get grouped together. Note, the headline is the subscription number and not the rate plan name as in the previous example.


3.  No Grouping

No grouping will take place. Every rate plan will get displayed as a single tiles in the Customer Center regardless of whether they belong to the same subscription or not. Note, here the headlines are the rate plan name and the subscription number is an attribute.


Allow customers to pay invoices

This activates the "Go to Payment" button in the Customer Center at the foot of the "Open Invoices" list. Any unpaid invoice can subsequently be selected and paid with the default payment method. To make a payment the customer can click on "Go to payment".


The selected invoice can now be selected and the payment can be confirmed. The status of the invoice will change to "Paid".


Note: In order to have invoices displayed in the Customer Center, a customer needs to have posted invoices on their billing account.

Shows Payment Details on Amendment Pages

This defines if the customer sees a billing preview when performing an amendment to a subscription from the customer center such as upgrades, downgrades and quantity changes.

This will display the payment details box at the very bottom of the page above the confirm button. The preview includes information as the payment schedule for the next billing period and the sum of the upcoming invoice.

Show Address and Payment Method Info Components on Amendment Pages (Cancellation excluded)

This will allow the end customer to change their billing information and / or payment method when making an amendment to an existing subscription from the customer center. This mimics the same ability in the shop when purchasing a new product.

Allow Voucher Input on Amendment Pages (Zuora Orders required for Renewal Vouchers) 

This will allow the end customer to enter a voucher code when amending an existing subscription or changing the product/plan.


Display Credit/Debit Memos

These checkboxes will only be visible if the setting "use Advanced invoice settlements" is selected in the admin portal (settings > Zuora). 


If activated, this will display on the Invoice page in the Customer Center, the credit and / or debit Memos.