This section enables various functions to control the behavior in the Partner Portal, how partners are set up and how partner groups are assigned.


Adding an Existing Partner

Generally, Partner accounts are already set up as Billing Accounts in Zuora. In this case, you can search for a specific account Number from the "Enter Account Number" field and by hitting the "Search" button.




Adding a new Partner

If there is not yet a Partner Zuora Billing Account, this is possible directly through the interface in the Subscription Suite which will create the Zuora Billing Account. To make this possible, please follow the instructions below:


To create a Partner not yet existing, click on the New Partner button. The exact same popup as shown under "Adding a Partner existing in Zuora" (see above) is displayed:


  • Name: Please provide a Partner name (this will become the Zuora Billing Account name).
  • Account Number (auto-generated if not selected): Will create a Zuora Account number.
  • Can Partner select who is Invoice Owner?: This check-box defines if the Partner can define if it's customer will be invoice owners or not.
  • Is always Invoice Owner?: This check-box will define that the Partner will always be an invoice owner and receive the invoices on behalf of their end-customers.

Click on Save to store your changes and the Partner will be created in the Subscription Suite (Partner Channel) and as a Zuora Account.

Removing a Partner

In the row of the respective category click on the Remove action. A message will ask for confirmation of the deletion. Child categories lose their parent but are not removed.



Editing a Partner

Click into the row of the partner you wish to edit.

Partner Admins

Partner Admin is the role that can control the behavior around the specific partner.



Adding a Partner Admin

Enter the perspective admin's email address into the Enter e-mail input field. Click on Add Admin to add the person to your list of Partner Admins and to trigger an email to the specified email address to confirm its correctness. The recipient will be able to set themselves a password via the link provided in the invitation email. This link will expire after 7 days or depending on the configuration. After the password has been set, the respective person can log in as Partner Admin in the Subscription Suite Partner Portal.

Removing a Partner Admin

In the row of the respective Partner Admin's email address click on the bin icon. The Partner Admin will be removed without further warnings.

Searching for a Partner Admin

To filter the list of Partner Admins type the email address of the respective Partner Admin into the Search field. The list of Partner Admins will only contain email addresses containing the specified sequence of characters.


Partner Groups

Partner groups were created to control which flows a partner can see and use. The rights can thus be controlled according to different requirements. This can be product or service specific or according to project specific definitions. The partner groups are related to the flow groups created in the Shop/Flow section.


Adding a Partner Group

For adding a Partner Group you first need to set up flows and flow groups in the Suite Admin Portal. To make this possible, please refer to the Shop and Flow Section described in here.

Once you created the Flow group containing the specific flows, you could navigate to the Partner menu (Tenant/Partners), selecting the specific partner you want to attach the related partner group and start typing the name of the Group (Flow group) you want to add. Click on Add to allocate finally.

Removing a Partner Group

In the row of the respective Partner Group click on the Remove action. A message will ask for confirmation of the deletion.

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