When translating the Subscription Suite Portals your products, rate plans and charges also have to be translated. Please pay attention to the tabs on top of this page, listing the different sections necessary to translate.


On every tab select the language you wish to translate in the upper left dropdown.

Use the Search field to filter the Default, Default Value or Zuora Value column. The other columns can not be filtered.

All changes in the Translation column are immediately stored. To undo a translation change type in the previous text or empty the cell. In the later case the text from the Default, Default Value or Zuora Value column will be used.

User Interface

User Interface (UI) element labels and captions visible in the portals.


Your sales funnels' texts.

Suite Products

Your Suite-side product details as they extend the products configured in Zuora (see below).


Your products' names and details as created in Zuora.

Rate Plans

Texts and explanations for your rate plans, grouping your products and add-ons.


Explanations and labels for your different charges (or discounts).