Define the payment methods that your customers can select for payment. In our example, BikeStore will be offering payment by 

  • Invoice
  • Credit Card
  • SEPA Direct Debit

The Payment Method "Invoice" is configured as a default.

Pick a new payment method to add from the drop down list and click "add".


Then click on the newly created payment method to configure it.


For each new payment method you need to provide the name of the Zuora hosted payment page ID and the payment gateway name that should be used to process the payments.

NOTE: Make sure that the entered payment gateway name matches the name in Zuora!


By adding standard ISO country codes (separated by commas), you can determine in which countries certain payment methods are offered (based on the country entered by the user in the registration).

You get the Payment page ID in Zuora under Payment Settings / Hosted Pages and clicking on "Show Page ID"


Make sure the Hosted Payment Page has the correct Hosted Domain configured:


And turn off CAPTCHA settings!

You can also configure the priority (weight) or order of the payment methods by adding a digit to the priority field.

NOTE: The highest weight appears FIRST to the customer. 


This configuration will give you the following result in the checkout:


Once you've set up the styling and color schemes, you can copy over the generated CC to the Hosted Payment Page in Zuora.

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